Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Picking the best Safety Footwear in India

From mining to construction and everything in between, there are several hazards of injuring your feet at work. Tons of blogs and pages have been written on how to protect your feet but there are very few on the topic of choosing the best product from among the best Safety Footwear Manufacturers in India. Steel capped toes have become the standard in the industry with everyone from construction workers to miners using these to keep their feet from being crushed under the impact of heavy objects at their workplace. 

Some important questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you stand for hours at work?
The nature of work in some professions needs employees to keep standing for hours. Those in mining, construction or sales spend a bulk of their time on their feet. This increases the chance of an injury. Look for shoes with comfortable heels, preferably with shock absorbers in it.

Will you come in close contact with extreme heats?
Employees working in foundries and metal welding industries are vulnerable to injuries caused by heat. For instance, molten metals can come in contact with the skin and cause severe burns. Look for foundry boots made by Safety Footwear Manufacturers in India that cover you right up the calf.

Will a steel toe cap be enough for protection?
Heavy objects falling on your feet can leave you crippled and jobless for life. Do not take the matter very lightly. Steel toe cap boots offer minimum protection; these are not enough to protect you from machines weighing two tones or more. You will need comprehensive protection including midsole and internal metatarsal protection.

Invest in products made by safety Shoes Exporters in India such as composite safety boots which utilize plastic and kevlar fabric, in addition to metal, at the toe cap and mid-sole sections. Composite toe caps are equal in strength to steel and will return to their original shape if crushed, once the crushing object is removed, making it easier to remove the foot from the boot.