Sunday, 29 November 2015

How Frequently Should You Replace Your Industrial Shoes?

We hope you not like the thousands of workers who expose themselves to risks at their hazardous workplace by not wearing appropriate industrial shoes! Workplaces, particularly industrial ones, are full of threats to your health and safety. Your employer is under legal obligations to provide you with protective kits to prevent accidents at workplace. If you haven’t received your protective kits talk to your employer. But if you a pair and you haven’t replaced it in a very long time then its time you thought about it right away.

When to Replace Your Boot?
A good way to understand the condition of your footwear is to look for visual signs. Frayed toes, tattered uppers and battered soles mean you need to throw away your boot without wasting another second. Besides that, if you had been in an incident where your footwear withstood great pressure of something heavy falling onto your feet then you shouldn’t expect the same pair to keep protecting you from subsequent accidents. The first thing you need to do after an accident is to go to a store and get a good pair from a reputed Industrial shoes manufacturers India.

Industrial shoes have a fixed life span and usually one year is a very good time to look for a new pair. Any longer than that and you may see signs of wear and tear too serious to be ignored. Just like they say - a stitch on time saves nine. You shouldn’t wait for a mishap to happen to buy a new pair of industrial shoes.