Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Why are safety boots essential for hazardous worksites?

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When we talk about a hazardous industrial or construction site, safety footwear is one of the most important personal protective equipment that comes to our mind. Why? Because it protects our feet from hazards and helps in avoiding life threatening accidents.

Let’s go through some important benefits that you will derive from safety boots as it will help you to understand their importance better.

1.    They protect your feet from flying and falling objects
If you work in an environment where you need to handle and deal with a number of heavy machines and vehicles, these work boots are essential for you. They are designed to protect your feet from falling and flying objects and thus prevent your feet from injuries.

2.    They protect your feet from punctures
Boots that are made of thick materials and heavy duty soles offers best protection when you step on sharp objects or be struck by such objects. Therefore, these safety boots are must wear in the construction sites.

3.    They protect your feet from cutting hazards
Cutting hazards are one of the most common causes of injuries at the workplaces where you need to operate sharp or moving machines. Not wearing protective boots in such workplaces could result into serious injuries. Thus, safety footwear is essential to protect your feet from injuries.

You can buy safety work boots from a well-known brand like the Warrior, a company that is known for its high quality and durable products.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Tips to select safety shoes when working on your feet

Professions that require you to stand all day long are not an easy task to do. To make this tedious task possible, choosing the right pair of safety footwear is vital. Without the right pair of shoes, it will become challenging for you to meet your job requirements and ensure safety. Therefore, we’re here with a few tips that will help you make the right decision when choosing safety shoes for your workplace.

Consider your work conditions
Different work conditions will demand different safety footwear. For say, the right pair of shoes for a chef may not work well for a nurse. Therefore, before you make your decision, you need to consider your work conditions and choose accordingly.

Know your arches
Standing for long hours will become challenging if you don’t get comfortable arch support. For this you need to know whether you’ve a high or normal arch or a flat foot. This will help you choose the right pair of shoes for your job.

Know your walk
Though many people are not aware, your safety shoes should always fit your walk technique. Your walk is an important part of your posture and health and so the shoes that you choose should support it. Though your profession demands standing for long hours, your shoes needs to support your walk technique to make you feel comfortable.

Keep in mind the above discussed tips to ensure that you select the right pair of safety footwear. Also, get your shoes from a well-known brand.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

How Frequently Should You Replace Your Industrial Shoes?

We hope you not like the thousands of workers who expose themselves to risks at their hazardous workplace by not wearing appropriate industrial shoes! Workplaces, particularly industrial ones, are full of threats to your health and safety. Your employer is under legal obligations to provide you with protective kits to prevent accidents at workplace. If you haven’t received your protective kits talk to your employer. But if you a pair and you haven’t replaced it in a very long time then its time you thought about it right away.

When to Replace Your Boot?
A good way to understand the condition of your footwear is to look for visual signs. Frayed toes, tattered uppers and battered soles mean you need to throw away your boot without wasting another second. Besides that, if you had been in an incident where your footwear withstood great pressure of something heavy falling onto your feet then you shouldn’t expect the same pair to keep protecting you from subsequent accidents. The first thing you need to do after an accident is to go to a store and get a good pair from a reputed Industrial shoes manufacturers India.

Industrial shoes have a fixed life span and usually one year is a very good time to look for a new pair. Any longer than that and you may see signs of wear and tear too serious to be ignored. Just like they say - a stitch on time saves nine. You shouldn’t wait for a mishap to happen to buy a new pair of industrial shoes.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Get more features for less money with Indian Safety Shoes

The safety shoe manufacturing business in India has reached international standards in terms of safety, comfort and performance Indian shoes are treading international soils. There has been a lot of development over the past several decades during which safety shoe makers have made great improvements in the materials used to how the soles and insoles are designed to the overall look and feel of the shoes - Indian shoes are no less than ultra-premium European or American brands.

Get more value for less

Safety shoes Manufacturers in India have been reaching out to the demands of an international client in the African and Asian markets for several decades now.  Only recently have the popularity been acknowledged now there is even more demand for Indian made shoes because of its reliability and low costs.

Uncompromised safety and comfort
Making a good pair of shoes is a matter of observation on putting data to practical use. It must be noted that Indian shoe makers have spent several hundreds of hours in analyzing data gathered from around thousands of sources and rich experiences shared by workmen, army men and office goers all over the nation. This has made the shoe making process much more advanced and in touch with ground realities and real expectations of working men.

When you invest in a show made by Indian shoe makers you invest in the hundreds of hours that has gone into making footwear better and wearable for everyone from every walk of life. So whether you are a construction worker, driver or security personnel you will always get a good value for your money. Check out what safety shoes exporters in India have to offer for your money.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Preventing Accidental Slips at Work with Safety Shoes

How the brain works to prevent slips and trips is amazing. There’s lot to take in and if you don’t have science background we wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t understand everything at the first time. So we have gathered the important things and tried to make it as simple as possible.
Keeping away from hazards
No matter how hard you try there will be hidden dangers, and even with the best safety equipment you may be headed for a definite mishap. The best way to stay safe from a danger is to avoid it altogether.

Watch out for makeshift structures
Things that are made out to meet last minute requirements are often full of hazards. The structure may not be strong enough to support your weight so standing atop it may be invite danger. Know of your centre of gravity and never place anything under the legs of anything to increase your reach.

Climbing the wrong ladder
The simplest law of nature is that if you climb up the wrong way you will most certainly come down fast and hard! Make sure not go up a ladder that doesn’t seem to be well balanced or is set on lose ground. It is very important that you check the stability of the ladder before climbing.

Buying shoes that aren’t meant for the job
Industrial Safety Shoes Supplier in India makes some of the best footwear you can buy in your budget. No need for spending extraordinary amounts on safety boots just get the right pair and you will be safe at work.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Suffering from Aching Feet? Here’s How to Heal Your Heel

Our feet undergo serious physical wear and tear day in and out and on top of that we are not very careful with how we treat them, often putting on atrocious shoes to work which leads to serious pains and aches in the long run. Taking proper care is necessary to keep the feet working in perfect order until you have reached ripe old age, here’s how to do it. , here’s how to do it.

See a Podiatrist

Sometimes we may need professional correction for issues that happen with no reason or rhyme. These problems seem to happen for no reason in particular and unless a professional evaluation is made, these problems seem surreal. If you feel that you have been wearing supportive shoes, yet you still have extreme foot pain, it could be something serious and you may need immediate medical attention. 

Rectify your posture
Pronated and supinated walking gaits cause damage in the long run. Correcting postures can take years because we have been doing it for years at end without realizing it. To rectify those errors, you will need to concentrate your body's posture when you walk and that includes your shoulders and back for a balanced gait.

Have your feet measured
When Industrial Safety Shoe Manufacturers in India design shoes they do that against a standard scale. So when you step into a shoe shop have your feet measured before buying a pair of shoes. That is how you can get the best benefits of the footwear design. Wearing appropriate footwear is very important to keep foot problems at bay.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Picking the best Safety Footwear in India

From mining to construction and everything in between, there are several hazards of injuring your feet at work. Tons of blogs and pages have been written on how to protect your feet but there are very few on the topic of choosing the best product from among the best Safety Footwear Manufacturers in India. Steel capped toes have become the standard in the industry with everyone from construction workers to miners using these to keep their feet from being crushed under the impact of heavy objects at their workplace. 

Some important questions you need to ask yourself:

Do you stand for hours at work?
The nature of work in some professions needs employees to keep standing for hours. Those in mining, construction or sales spend a bulk of their time on their feet. This increases the chance of an injury. Look for shoes with comfortable heels, preferably with shock absorbers in it.

Will you come in close contact with extreme heats?
Employees working in foundries and metal welding industries are vulnerable to injuries caused by heat. For instance, molten metals can come in contact with the skin and cause severe burns. Look for foundry boots made by Safety Footwear Manufacturers in India that cover you right up the calf.

Will a steel toe cap be enough for protection?
Heavy objects falling on your feet can leave you crippled and jobless for life. Do not take the matter very lightly. Steel toe cap boots offer minimum protection; these are not enough to protect you from machines weighing two tones or more. You will need comprehensive protection including midsole and internal metatarsal protection.

Invest in products made by safety Shoes Exporters in India such as composite safety boots which utilize plastic and kevlar fabric, in addition to metal, at the toe cap and mid-sole sections. Composite toe caps are equal in strength to steel and will return to their original shape if crushed, once the crushing object is removed, making it easier to remove the foot from the boot.