Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Fire up your shoe obsessions this year

Shoes and women are inseparable; every girl no matter how young loves shoes more than she loves herself! Ok, probably that was the overstatement of the year, but we are pretty close to describing the feminine obsession for footwear. Interestingly, it is not new.  No lady evens those who existed in a different time and world from ours loved their footwear and history bears witness to it. Just take your pick from among one of the many generations around the globe and you will find women in cute looking footwear! It’s universal. Just wait until scientists discover a different world beyond our world and we can almost say with gumption that you will see images flaunting great footwear! Shoes Manufacturers in India are stepping up their game this New Year and let us tell you about the latest fads making the rounds this New Year 2015. 

The sassy red louboutins
Christian Louboutin and his earth shattering red stilettos have redefined what women stand for these days. They are bold, they are brave and they love adventure! And nothing symbolizes that better than the blood red peeking from underneath a pair of sexy louboutin stilettos. A woman wearing a pair of red stilettos oozes confidence and eludes a veiled naughtiness – exactly the image every modern woman stands for.  But then louboutins are quite expensive, thankfully, Shoes Manufacturers in India have more affordable alternatives you can explore if you cannot afford a louboutin yet want to flaunt the look.

Training sneakers
2015 is the year of the fitness freaks. We are all growing older and increasingly aware of the need for physical exercise. Safety Shoe Manufacturers in India have introduced some very unique and appealing training sneakers for the mass market. These are cheap, but very reliable as a pair of training shoes. The plain white ones that were popular about a decade ago are back again, and they are back with gusto. For all you white training sneaker lovers, 2015 is going to be fantastic.