Monday, 29 June 2015

Preventing Accidental Slips at Work with Safety Shoes

How the brain works to prevent slips and trips is amazing. There’s lot to take in and if you don’t have science background we wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t understand everything at the first time. So we have gathered the important things and tried to make it as simple as possible.
Keeping away from hazards
No matter how hard you try there will be hidden dangers, and even with the best safety equipment you may be headed for a definite mishap. The best way to stay safe from a danger is to avoid it altogether.

Watch out for makeshift structures
Things that are made out to meet last minute requirements are often full of hazards. The structure may not be strong enough to support your weight so standing atop it may be invite danger. Know of your centre of gravity and never place anything under the legs of anything to increase your reach.

Climbing the wrong ladder
The simplest law of nature is that if you climb up the wrong way you will most certainly come down fast and hard! Make sure not go up a ladder that doesn’t seem to be well balanced or is set on lose ground. It is very important that you check the stability of the ladder before climbing.

Buying shoes that aren’t meant for the job
Industrial Safety Shoes Supplier in India makes some of the best footwear you can buy in your budget. No need for spending extraordinary amounts on safety boots just get the right pair and you will be safe at work.